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The decline in the quality of recent TV shows is nothing short of alarming.

Starting in no particular order is

24: A show whose first season changed everything about TV. This season had a great set of characters whose acting was nothing short of superb. David Palmer got to become the President any of 24’s future president could not be compared with, as he was a million miles ahead of them in his acting and delivery of his lines. Fast forward to season 8, and the dearth of quality characters is obvious. The ever slouching Brian Hastings to the non convincing Ortiz are many of the listless characters that graced the final season of a once wonderful show. The Jack and Renee triangle should not have existed in my own opinion.

Prison Break: Someone once told me this should have being on for just 1 season and I partly agree with this. The first season was brilliant and you only need the second season to tell you how unprepared the writers of this show were. Though it could still boast of good characters,  the plot was just incoherent. I had to stick to the show cause of my love for Sarah Tancredi who was killed off the show when SarahWayne Callies got pregnant, but was brought back when fans launched a massive campaign for her to come back. This had both positive and negative effects on the show. Screen chemistry that was evident during the first season between Sarah and Michael Scofield disappeared in the other seasons. The reappearance of Kellerman was not justified and the character of “The Company” Chairman changed to rapidly.

Still to come: House, Chuck, Heroes and much more..

Here is Game 6

RondoThe series should have ended at Game 4, unfortunately Paul Pierce slipped when it mattered though he had been the best Celtic player on the floor. Watching game 5 of the Lakers and Sun series, it was to be a reverse scenario as the worst player on the night (Ron Artest), turned out to be the hero.

The two technical fouls on Perkins made a win in game 5 unachievable, Perkins who had done a great job against Howard in the series was ejected for two unjustified technical fouls.

Game 6 is upon us, and I know come 11:30 pm on the 28th of May, 2010. The Celtics team would be in the NBA finals.

Naija Music

I rarely miss Nigeria, but anytime I get into the mood for Nija songs, memories flood back…..

There is no place like home……. Listening to M.I’s track “God Bless You”, though not so new it still rocks my world……..

Newcastle United

Hailing from Nigeria, a country dominated by fans of the so called big teams, people I meet are always surprised when I say am a fan of Newcastle, and when they start asking me questions, I realize they are relatively newcomers to the world of the Premier League. Not that I have been watching the premier league for a million years ( I became a Newcastle fan during the time of Late Sir Bobby Robson.), but when I Newcastle played I was held in awe, as the play was unbelievable. There was only one team I always prayed for a draw when we played against and that was Manchester United, for it was as if Sir Alex knew how we played so well, so a draw was always a weclome result then, which is something so different from what I hoped for in the past few seasons.

The whole team under Robson would be considered legends alongside the current crop of players.  I always wonder how our beloved team that once had many setpiece specialist cannot even boast of one now. The likes of Geremi and Ryan Taylor do not come close to Laurent Robert or Nolberto Solano, just to name a few.

Our degeneration definitely started once Sherperd decided he didnt want Sir Robson, just after 2 games, a draw with Boro and a loss against Man Utd (hope am right).  Souness came in and wanted to be the disciplinarian Shepherd said he was and had a bust up with Bellamy (yes he is mischievous) who is definitely better than Obafemi Martins.

We went further downhill when the non-attack minded Allardyce was brought in, and he changed the mentality of our players and maybe other members of the team, which is still evident from how we play. This I can say was being rectified under Kevin Keegan as we played some exciting football under Keegan when he came back, but Mike Ashley’s selection of a Football director meant KK had no say in the players coming in and the ones going out. Some fans blame KK for what has happened to us, but for me, it wasnt his fault. I guess KK did not try his best by either leaving earlier or later, but it certainly was not his fault.

The final nail in the coffin for us was the appointment of Joe Kinnear, a man that is definitely out of his depth in terms of football, but who claims we had a good run.

I do not know what the next step is, but I do hope something positive happens with this club real soon.

PS: Who in our current squad will you want in the Robson team ???